Terminal Facility Management

Airline Club & Lounge Services

Having a clean terminal and facility is what all passengers remember most about their airport experience.  Airway takes pride in working hard keeping terminals clean at all times.  We utilize time logs in designated areas to assure our janitorial professionals are maintaining cleanliness throughout the day and night.  Along with time logs, we are working on implementing scanning technology to track performance, timeliness, and supplies.




Airline Club & Lounge Services

A clean and well run lounge is important to every elite passenger.  Being a member of an airline club comes with certain expectations.  Let Airway be your solution to exceeding those expectations.  Airway provides a full staffing package of Bartenders, Servers, Cocktail Servers, Hostesses and Janitorial services to fulfill your staffing needs.   Let our friendly faces great your passengers and provide them with the best service possible while keeping your Lounge or Club spotless by paying attention to detail.




Mechanized Sweeping & Scrubbing Services

Utilizing the best machines on the market, Airway’s skilled Janitorial professionals use precise handling to sweep and scrub airport terminals.  We evaluate the floor type and use the best solution that will keep the floor in its best condition year after year.




Facility Exterminating Services

Airway can keep your terminals and facilities free from any pest with our facility exterminating services.  We search for the source while treating the problem. 




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