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Founded in 1952 by Fred Catanese, Sr., Airway continues to be family owned and managed.

The family ownership, management team and involvement in day to day operations play a huge role in how Airway is run. It conveys to our customers and employees a true sense of ownership and partnership with family interest and concern, while working to instill a further sense of pride among our employees.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, successful companies respond to changing customer needs and motivate employees to exceed customer expectations. In the Aviation industry, Airway leads the way as the Airline Service Specialist.

Our leadership team understands the true value of our service rests in the quality of their employees, which is why Airway puts such a high priority on effective training and supervision in order to succeed.   Furthermore, Airway enforces quality checks to ensure our employees will have the necessary tools, training, and supervision needed to perform their job efficiently and professionally.  The leadership team makes critical service related decisions to ensure timely response to customer needs in order to provide a first class service.

In order to continuously motivate our employees to provide the best service possible, we seek new and innovative incentives and employee recognition programs. Our employment of full time service workers, whenever possible, helps to strengthen the employee’s loyalty to Airway. This commitment to our employees will translate into an even stronger commitment to customers, employees and tenants.

Specializing in aircraft appearance, janitorial and various other airport services, Airway is well experienced and proficient in day to day terminal operations.  Knowing how to operate in split second timing scenarios from operational occurrences, weather changes, and the numerous other factors puts our customer at ease and allows the passengers to have a seamless travel experience.

At Airway, we dedicate our time to the communities and airports we serve by actively involving ourselves in local Airport Management Councils, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis and Rotary Organizations.  Additionally, we support programs of Local School Boards and BOCES or Career Development programs.


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